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01 Jul 2023

What should I look for when hiring a tree service company?

Here are some things to look for when hiring a tree service company:

  • **Insurance and licensing.** Make sure the company is properly insured and licensed to operate in your area.
  • **Experience and expertise.** Choose a company that has experience in tree removal and other tree care services.
  • **References.** Ask the company for references from previous customers.
  • **Free estimates.** Most reputable tree service companies will provide free estimates before starting any work.
  • **Warranty.** Ask the company if they offer a warranty on their work.

Here are some questions to ask when interviewing tree service companies:

  • How long have you been in business?
  • Do you have experience in tree removal?
  • What type of equipment do you use?
  • What is your safety record?
  • Do you offer a warranty?
  • What are your rates?
  • Can you provide references?

Once you have chosen a tree service company, be sure to get everything in writing, including the scope of work, the estimated cost, and the payment terms. Contact us for a consultation today!

01 Jul 2022

Signs Something Is Wrong With My Tree

Did you know trees can get sick too? If you see some of the following things, it means there’s disease, pests, or other factors affecting it:

Holes in leaves

This is most commonly from insect damage, as caterpillars and beetles tend to chew through the bottom side of leaves as they move. However, fungal diseases are a more serious problem and can affect the overall health of the tree. You can tell the difference in that insect damage appears quickly, while fungal disease usually starts with a black or brown blemish, and eventually turns into a hole.

Dead or dying branches

If the tree is old, natural tree decline is bound to happen, which means a portion of its branches will decay and die. However, it can also be a sign of tree disease, as when a branch is affected by disease, the tree chokes off resources to that branch so that it will decay and break or drop off. A certified arborist can inspect the tree and possibly cut out diseased branches to keep the rest of the tree as healthy as possible.

Moldy-looking spots on leaves or bark

As mentioned above, fungal disease starts with a blemish or spot on a leaf before it spreads and causes more harm to the leaves and trunk. If you see areas like this on your tree, contact an arborist to examine the tree and properly diagnose the issue so that it can be treated effectively.

Yellowing or Brown leaves or needles

When leaves turn yellow or brown (and it’s not fall), it can mean the tree is nutrient deficient. This will stunt leaf and fruit growth, and happens because the soil lacks nitrogen and other minerals, or the soil’s pH is too low. Slow release fertilizers and compost can help the soil and subsequently, the tree.


Heat and drought are the most common things that will wilt the tree’s leaves, but can also wilt because the soil around the tree is water-logged. Overwatered leaves will be limp and soft, while heat and drought affected leaves will be brown and dry.

If you suspect your tree is sick, give us a call to have one of our certified arborists come and take a look.

09 May 2022
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Mistakes Homeowners Make When Trimming Their Own Trees

Tree trimming falls under “spring cleaning” for a lot of homeowners as the weather starts to turn nice in the spring. Rake up any remaining leaves, remove dead plants/flowers, trim up some trees that might appear overgrown, etc. That last one, however, is much trickier and involved than one might think. While tempting to think you can just do it yourself, because “how hard can it be,” right? Well, there are a lot of errors that can be made that can not only harm the tree but potentially put yourself in danger. Here are some common mistakes made when trimming your own trees:


This sounds obvious, but should be mentioned first. Tree pruning and trimming is difficult and dangerous, and while some things are clear (don’t sit on the big limb you’re cutting off, don’t rush to get the tree trimmed to try and beat a big storm coming in), there are other things that are not as clear but are just as important. This is why there is a certification for arborists – they are required to keep up to date with safety measures, in addition to knowing how to properly do the job (more on that later.) Far fewer accidents happen when the job is left to the professionals.

Poor Cutting

Did you know that cutting back a dead branch too close to the tree’s trunk can significantly damage the tree? Or if you don’t cut enough that it will not only look uneven but can invite disease, pests, and fungus? How about how much to prune? A lot of homeowners frequently will trim a lot more than is needed, which can also damage the tree. Also, are your tools sharp enough to properly do the job? We all know Abraham Lincoln was famous for saying that if he had eight hours to cut down a tree, he’d spend the first six sharpening the ax, and when you’ve tried to cut anything with a dull blade, it’s certainly understandable.

Certified arborists know how to properly cut branches and limbs, as well as how much so that your tree will remain healthy. Their skills are as sharp as the tools they use, and they’ll get the job done with themselves and you staying safe. Have trees that need trimmed? Reach out today!



06 Apr 2022

How To Know When It’s Time To Take A Tree Down

Trees are great for the landscape of your property, not only for decoration but also the shade they can provide. Unfortunately, sometimes these trees will need to be taken down due to a number of factors. They can be damaged by high winds, lightning, or a harsh winter. Here are some other signs that it’s time to remove a tree.

Go Back To The Roots

With larger trees in particular, you can see the roots protruding from the ground. In some cases this is normal, depending on the type of tree, because there are more roots that are much deeper underground, but in other cases, this can indicate that the tree is struggling to find nutrients. If one tree has roots showing but others near it do not, this is a troublesome sign.

Another indicator is holes and dips in your lawn – this can be a sign of root rot. If you see mushrooms in spots on your lawn, this is also a sign, as the decomposing roots will fuel the fungus growth.

Speaking Of Fungus…

Keep an eye out for mushrooms at the bottom of the tree as well. If you are starting to see quick grown on the trunk or along the roots, the tree is struggling to stay alive. Moss on the tree is not a problem, but other fungus indicates bigger problems.

The Main Elements

The branches, trunk, and leaves will also tell you a lot about the health of the tree. Dropping large, dead branches is a sign that your tree is struggling to stay alive, and also can be detrimental to your home if the tree is positioned close to it. If bark is falling off the trunk or sounds hollow when you knock on it, call a professional right away to have it removed. Unhealthy trees also will have fewer leaves, or will not shed dead leaves in the fall.

If you have a tree showing any of these signs, don’t wait – Spencer’s Tree and Landscape Solutions‘ certified arborists will come give an accurate assessment of your tree and treat it as necessary. Give us a call today!

25 Mar 2022

Our Recent Work In Bucyrus

At a local job in Bucyrus, I was called out to diagnose some issues with these Black Hills Spruce. I determined that they were getting a disease called needle cast, which is a fungus due to the root system being stressed. The original planting was done by so called professionals however these trees were planted 6-8” too low, especially for this area where we have heavier soils that do not drain well. Spruce trees are not native to this area and will struggle when planted improperly or in poor soil conditions.

My prognosis was that these trees had to be raised up to a proper elevation and we were able to do that thanks to our tree spade shown in the picture. We spaded them out and added an amended mix of sand and topsoil to raise them 6-8” so that the roots can drain better and have better air flow.

We are also putting these trees on a disease and fertilization program to help ensure that the homeowner has a successful tree planting.

10 Mar 2022
Tree Service in Marion Ohio

Love Your Trees!

Do you enjoy the trees around your home and wonder if your trees are safe? Spencer’s Tree and Landscape Solutions loves trees and is qualified to inspect your trees for health and safety. We can inspect your trees and create a plan that best suits your needs. Spencer’s is a complete tree service and landscape company that can trim or remove any tree including large and small stumps.

Our landscape crews are skilled in concrete, excavating, retaining walls , patios, new installations and maintenance. We have state of the art equipment and great people all to provide you with an excellent experience.

Contact Spencer’s Tree and Landscape Solutions on the web or by phone, 419-561-0768. Thank You and God Bless!

01 Feb 2022
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Why Hire A Certified Arborist?

When it comes to your landscaping, not only do you want your trees to look good, but they also need to not interfere with anything else on your property, such as powerlines, chimneys, or hang over your roof. Proper maintenance of these trees is paramount to making sure this doesn’t happen. This is not a job for just anyone, as it needs to be done by professionals with the right equipment, and that can perform the work efficiently and safely.

Certified arborists are the best and most qualified landscapers in the industry. They earn accreditation through entities such as the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), as well as the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA).  The education arborists get from these organizations includes proper training for pruning limbs to create a better shape for the tree and allowing light and airflow through it, safely removing damaged or dead limbs and branches, and identifying disease within the tree and removing all parts they can.

Regular checkups for your trees are important to maintain their health and aesthetic. Spencer’s Tree and Landscape Solutions employs certified arborists that perform preventive health and safety assessments, sprays and/or injections for disease and insect control, aeration, pruning, and irrigation. In dire circumstances, a tree will be recommended for removal, but that is a last resort, unless of course it is located in a potentially dangerous spot on your lot or is being replaced by a new tree.

Contact us today to schedule your tree and landscaping assessment!

27 Oct 2021

Should I Hire A Professional Snow Removal Company?

“Brace Yourselves – Winter Is Coming”, and with winter comes the need to inevitably remove some snow from your property. Depending on how much snow there is and the layout and terrain of your property, it is recommended to call in professionals to help with this. They have the equipment and experience to handle large amount of snow and ice and will make sure you aren’t throwing your back out from too much shoveling or doing something unsafe with equipment you aren’t familiar with.

Snow removal services can save time and can make maneuvering around your property safer for you and your family. Professionals can quickly clear a path, clear driveways and walkways of black ice, and even make sure snow is properly removed from roofs and gutters. They can make sure that while the snow and ice is not only removed, it looks clean and much more aesthetically pleasing.

Book early to be on the list when that first big snow comes.  Spencer’s Tree and Landscape Solutions has the right equipment and the best team to do the job right and safely.

Looking for snow removal in Ohio? Look no further – contact us for an estimate today!

09 Sep 2021

What Is The Best Time Of Year For Tree Service?

If you have a tree on your property that needs trimmed, you might think that summer or fall is the best time, when in reality, the best time to do this is winter. Depending on the type of tree (fruit trees, for example), major pruning work should be done during the winter to help maximize fruit production. When the leaves fall off the trees, the become dormant for the winter months. Why is it good to get them trimmed during this time?


When the leaves have fallen off the trees, it is easier for a certified arborist to identify dead or weak limbs and branches, which allows them to properly assess the work that needs done. Dead and diseased areas of the tree are also a danger when they get weighed down with snow and ice, which could potentially damage your home and property.

Prevents Damage to the Tree

Pruning before spring lets trees heal before they bud, whereas if done in the fall, new growth stimulated by a trimming would just damage the tree. Also, in the winter, disease will not as easily spread as it would when you have your tree trimmed in the spring and summer, because the bacteria and insects that spread the disease will also be dead or dormant.

Easier on your Landscaping/Property

When the ground is frozen in the winter, heavy equipment needed for a proper tree service can be brought in without doing a lot of damage to your landscaping, and also allows our crews to work faster, which is important for larger jobs.

If you’ve been putting off tree service, the winter may be the best time to go ahead and get it scheduled. Contact us for an estimate!