Trees are great for the landscape of your property, not only for decoration but also the shade they can provide. Unfortunately, sometimes these trees will need to be taken down due to a number of factors. They can be damaged by high winds, lightning, or a harsh winter. Here are some other signs that it’s time to remove a tree.

Go Back To The Roots

With larger trees in particular, you can see the roots protruding from the ground. In some cases this is normal, depending on the type of tree, because there are more roots that are much deeper underground, but in other cases, this can indicate that the tree is struggling to find nutrients. If one tree has roots showing but others near it do not, this is a troublesome sign.

Another indicator is holes and dips in your lawn – this can be a sign of root rot. If you see mushrooms in spots on your lawn, this is also a sign, as the decomposing roots will fuel the fungus growth.

Speaking Of Fungus…

Keep an eye out for mushrooms at the bottom of the tree as well. If you are starting to see quick grown on the trunk or along the roots, the tree is struggling to stay alive. Moss on the tree is not a problem, but other fungus indicates bigger problems.

The Main Elements

The branches, trunk, and leaves will also tell you a lot about the health of the tree. Dropping large, dead branches is a sign that your tree is struggling to stay alive, and also can be detrimental to your home if the tree is positioned close to it. If bark is falling off the trunk or sounds hollow when you knock on it, call a professional right away to have it removed. Unhealthy trees also will have fewer leaves, or will not shed dead leaves in the fall.

If you have a tree showing any of these signs, don’t wait – Spencer’s Tree and Landscape Solutions‘ certified arborists will come give an accurate assessment of your tree and treat it as necessary. Give us a call today!