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Warranty Information

We offer a one year limited warranty for all woody plant material installed by STLS. ( We cannot offer a warranty on plants not installed by STLS.)

What is the difference between a woody plant, perennials and/or annuals?

In our warranty, STLS defines a woody plant that is either a shrub or tree having multiple permanent stems branching from or near the ground and/or trunk.  Woody plants may be deciduous, meaning they shed their leaves for a season, or an evergreen, meaning they keep their leaves and/or canopy throughout all four seasons.  Perennials are plants, once installed, may appear dormant for a season and return year after year.  While still having a somewhat tender root system, they can provide years of enjoyment .  Annuals are plants with a life cycle that last 1 year and must be replanted from starts or seed.

What is not included in the warranty?

· Perennials and annuals are excluded from this warranty as they are not a woody plant.

· Plants that have been transplanted are excluded from the warranty.

· Replacement of plants that die or have been affected by extreme weather conditions such as drought, prolonged low/high temperatures, early and late season frost, severe freezes, floods, damaging winds, etc.  These are things out of our control and not the result of a plant quality issue.  Therefore, we do not warranty.

· Replacement of plants that are damaged or die as a result of insect infestation or disease.  If you should encounter these issues, we can apply controls for a reasonable fee.

· Replacement of plants that are injured or die as a result of improper cultural practices such as over or under watering/fertilizing or damage from chemical applications, etc.

· Due to shallow root systems and/or susceptibility to moisture and temperature extremes, we do not warranty plants in pots or planter boxes, annuals, groundcovers, and bulbs.

· Due to the delicate root structure of sod and seeding along with our inability to control weather conditions, watering and/or irrigation when installed, STLS does not warranty seed and sod installation.