If you have a tree on your property that needs trimmed, you might think that summer or fall is the best time, when in reality, the best time to do this is winter. Depending on the type of tree (fruit trees, for example), major pruning work should be done during the winter to help maximize fruit production. When the leaves fall off the trees, the become dormant for the winter months. Why is it good to get them trimmed during this time?


When the leaves have fallen off the trees, it is easier for a certified arborist to identify dead or weak limbs and branches, which allows them to properly assess the work that needs done. Dead and diseased areas of the tree are also a danger when they get weighed down with snow and ice, which could potentially damage your home and property.

Prevents Damage to the Tree

Pruning before spring lets trees heal before they bud, whereas if done in the fall, new growth stimulated by a trimming would just damage the tree. Also, in the winter, disease will not as easily spread as it would when you have your tree trimmed in the spring and summer, because the bacteria and insects that spread the disease will also be dead or dormant.

Easier on your Landscaping/Property

When the ground is frozen in the winter, heavy equipment needed for a proper tree service can be brought in without doing a lot of damage to your landscaping, and also allows our crews to work faster, which is important for larger jobs.
If you’ve been putting off tree service, the winter may be the best time to go ahead and get it scheduled. Contact us for an estimate!