5 Common Lawn Weeds in Ohio


Weeds fall under two different categories, grass-like and broadleaf and can be perennial or annual. It is important to know what type of weed you are dealing with to make the best decision on how to eradicate it.


  1. Dandelion

Dandelions are probably the most well known and common lawn weeds. They are broadleaf perrenials meaning they can live for two or more growing seasons. Dandelions can be identified by their yellow flowers, deep roots, and hollow stems or stalks. These weeds are typically spread by wind, but can be aided by human activity such as mowing or children blowing the seeds for fun.


  1. Clover

This weed can come in many different types, but the most commonly found is white clover. Clover is dark green and has 3 oval-shaped leaves each with a darker green stripe. White, spikey flowers also grow from this plant and are a favorite of bees.


  1. Creeping Charlie

Creeping Charlie has heart-shaped leaves with scalloped edges and is one of the first plants to flower in the spring. This plant is also known as ground ivy and has trios of bluish-purple flowers.


  1. Veronica

Also known as Speedwell, this weed is a perennial with white, blue or purple four-petal flowers. This plant is typically found in moist, shaded areas along the ground. Because of its large fibrous root systems, this weed is difficult to eradicate.


  1. Crabgrass

This warm-weather annual has flat, wide leaves that grow low to the ground. Crabgrass grows best in the heat of the summer and sprouts spiked flower heads.