5 Things to Remember


Summer is finally here! The weather is warming up, plants are in full bloom, and insects are coming out of hiding. Here are a few Summer landscaping tips to keep in mind.


  1. Fertilize

Make sure your lawn and garden are properly fed and fertilized. Keep in mind that different plant species have different nutrient needs. Make sure that the nitrogen levels in your soil do not get too high, especially during higher temperatures.


  1. Pest Control

Your lawn can be home to a wide variety of pests. Make sure that your lawn and garden are properly treated to avoid plant damage.


  1. Mowing

Keep a consistent mowing schedule. The grass in your yard needs to maintain a certain level to fight off drought and other hazards. If you are unsure what level to trim your grass at, staying at a higher level is safest.


  1. Watering

Stick to a watering schedule that is beneficial to your plants. Watering during the hottest times of the day will do more harm than good as the water will evaporate before reaching the plant’s roots. Early morning or evening when the weather is coolest are the best times to water.


  1. Weeding

Keep your lawn free of pesky weeds that may damage other plant life. Decide whether you can dedicate the time to pulling your weeds or if you should invest in professional help or the assistance of chemical treatments.


Keeping your lawn and landscaping looking its best can be a big commitment. Luckily, Spencer’s Tree & Landscape Solutions is here to help you with all your outdoor needs. From tree services to pest control and everything in between, Spencer’s has you covered! Give us a call at 419-561-0768 to learn more.