Your landscape is finally all cleaned up from the harsh winter, back to exactly how you want it. You notice brown spots popping up in your green, spring grass and that is never a good sign. Chances are you’ve got a few pests taking up residency. Spring is the prime time for you to notice a change in your lawn and landscape’s health. Patches that aren’t growing back quite the same, spots that were looking good start turning brown, maybe even visible bite marks or holes showing up.. safe to say you want to get it taken care of.

Commonly in Ohio spring pests like Cinch bugs, Bill bugs, White grubs, and Sodweb worms begin to show up after winter hibernation. Cinch and Bill bugs can be easier, and quicker, to spot being they are considered to be surface feeders. This meaning the chance to see the bug itself, or the damage it could be causing, is high. White Grubs and Sodweb worms are sub surface feeders, causing issues with the root of a plant. The signs of these sub-surface feeders may not show up as fast which means you don’t know about the issue.. until it’s a big issue.

Proper tree and landscape maintenance includes controlling for these insect and preventing the damage they can cause.  Now you’re asking yourself, how do I prevent insects? Simple tasks like the ones below can go a long way:

  • Cut your grass – shorter grass provides less home for the pests, and mowing disrupts their environment
  • Reduce shade by trimming trees and bushes – excessive shade prevents the sun from drying out soil after rain, a majority of pests enjoy taking up residency in most ground
  • Pay attention to areas that collect water – stagnant water is breeding ground for mosquitoes, and other larvae laying insects

You should always talk to a professional before make a decision about your pest treatment and control. Talk to an expert at Spencer’s Tree and Landscape Solutions about how you can prevent pests, or treat any current pest issues you may have.