Spring is finally on its way! Once the snow is melted, we are often left with a soggy yard, full of brown and bare patches and empty flower beds. Get your yard ready for the sunny days ahead with this checklist!

  • Remove Debris – Winter storms can knock down branches, bury piles of leaves or displace rocks into your yard. Pick these up and dispose of properly.
  • Prepare your equipment – Sharpen and replace lawn mower blades, removing dried grass and other debris. Perform maintenance and make sure you have all you need. You can do this yourself or have it professionally done.
  • Mow high – Start your mowing for the season on a high setting. This allows grass to grow thick and develop a strong root system, helping crowd out weeds.
  • Edging and mulching – Create defined beds and set yourself up for gardening success!
  • Grass planting – Treat the bare and brown patches of your lawn later in the spring.
  • Fertilize – Enhance the lush green quality of your lawn with the proper fertilization for your area. You may want to have your yard tested to see what kind of fertilizer will work best.
  • Weed prevention and removal – Remove weeds and treat your lawn for the more prevalent weeds.
  • Prune shrubs – Cutting back your shrubs can help them start healthy new growth. This is also a good time to remove dead or damaged sections.
  • Start planting – Depending on what you are growing, plant your flowers and bulbs in the spring when the ground is soft and easy to maneuver.

Keep your lawn looking lovely all year round. Let Spencer’s help you make a plan to care for your lawn this spring! We can help!