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Tree Services & Areas We Serve

Tree service in Bucyrus, Galion, Marion, Upper Sandusky, New Washington, Mansfield, Tiffin, Findlay,Delaware, Northern Columbus and  Willard Ohio.

  • Tree Removal
  • Tree Pruning / Trimming
  • Right of way clearing and maintenance.
  • Power line clearance
  • Lot clearing
  • Bush hogging 
  • Disease and Insect control
  • Deep Root Fertilization
  • Cabling and Bracing
  • Residential, Municipality, and Commercial
  • Stump Removal / Grinding
  • Tree Risk Assessment 

Importance of Trees and Proper Care

Trees are important to the communities we live in. The value they provide can be measured in their beauty, real estate values, energy savings and other environmental considerations.

Benefits of Healthy Trees

  • Turn carbon dioxide into oxygen
  • Act as sound barriers
  • Reduce wind and water erosion by slowing wind and stabilizing the soil
  • Provide shade from the sun
  • Provide food and shelter for wildlife
  • Screen, and add to privacy
  • Can make urban areas pleasant and inviting

Knowledgeable Staff

Spencer Perdue is an ISA Certified Arborist and CTSP( Certified Tree Care Safety Professional). At Spencer's we understand how to properly prune to discourage water sprouts and rot, and to encourage the trees natural growth habit and beauty.  
        The trimmers at Spencer's Tree & Landscape Solutions, LLC understand the biology of trees and how they react to certain cuts.  Trees react to any cuts or pruning as though they have been injured. Knowing what cuts cause a tree to react negatively or positively can make a big difference. It can be the difference in a beautiful healthy tree, a hazardous eyesore or a dead tree.

Remove or Trim?

    Making heading cuts and topping to a pre-determined length or shearing a tree to pull it away from a house, lines or other structure often makes the problem worse than it was, causes weak new growth and an unsightly appearance. Topping also creates many large wounds that will take the tree a long time to close up. This can lead to easier attack for diseases and insects. Often trees will grow much more rapidly after being improperly pruned and will require more upkeep. If this type of cutting is required it may be best to have the tree removed. Often, we can replace the tree in the same location with a better variety of tree or simply plant a tree in a better spot. 

Spencer's offers Value

 Topping out a tree like the picture above can usually be done cheaper by inexperienced tree companies because it requires less knowledge of tree biology and takes less time than making cuts in the correct places.  A too good to be true price usually is. The cost to topping a tree comes later with a damaged weaker tree that needs more frequent pruning and will soon start to decay. Insects and disease will have little trouble getting into the tree and it will often require removal of the tree. In the end a homeowner that has this done will pay more for more frequently required trimming, have an unsightly tree in the meantime and a shorter lived tree requiring paying for removal. Owning some tree equipment does not a professional make. The lack of proper workers compensation and insurance documentation can also put a homeowner at great risk.

Do You Have Ash Trees?

 If so they either have the Emerald Ash
Borer, will be infected soon or have died
already. Unfortunately, this pest has killed tens of millions of trees that were once thriving and healthy. Once the trees are infected, it is only a matter of time and they will be killed. Native Ash trees have little natural resistance to this invasive pest. There is hope though. In several extensive studies conducted by MSU and OSU researchers, a single injection of emamectin benzoate in mid May or early June provided excellent control of EAB for at least two years. Please click the link below for more information regarding EAB. Please keep in mind that green trees are safer and cheaper to remove than dead trees. Once Ash trees die from EAB they quickly become very weak and hazardous. DONT LET A DEAD ASH STAND! CALL US TO GET IT REMOVED AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.  


This is a red oak that is leaning over the house. We're able to safely lower this spar down using some double rope negative blocking techniques.

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